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How to Refresh Your Feelings

How to Refresh Your FeelingsSometimes, when dating with one single lady for a long time, men feel doubts about their feelings to their couples. Kiev escort girls know how to check whether you still love your girlfriend, and they are ready to share this method with you.
When sex became ordinary, without any bright emotions and you feel a little tired of this relationship, it is a time to find out, is it worth continuing. To do this, Kiev escorts advise to live apart some time. Staying alone you will be free to think out the situation and define for yourself, whether you still want to be together. read more →

How to Stimulate Her G-Spot

How to Stimulate Her G-SpotIf to believe Ukraine escorts, magic G-spot is not a thing you can touch once and definitely know where it is located in your girlfriend’s vagina. However there are some sexual poses that allow maximal stimulation of the area where G-spot is located.
Many Ukraine escort girls admit that most pleasant way of playing with g-spot is when a man does this with his penis, not fingers or other things. Penis is firm enough, thick enough and soft enough to stimulate it ideally. In order to bring your lady more pleasure during sex, Ukraine escort girls advise to choose one of these three poses. Or you can change them one by one, experimenting for better effect. read more →

How to Stimulate Her Clitoris during Sex

How to Stimulate Her Clitoris during SexVery often men seem too puzzled, when their ladies ask them additionally to stimulate their clitoris during sex. For a lot of guys both these activities look incompatible. However, they are perfectly compatible, and Kiev sex experts recommend a few poses when you can easily do both these things together.
Fucking can become much more pleasant for your girl, especially if she is used to clitoral orgasm and you want to enter her asap, it is enough to know a few tricks from Ukraine escort girls. They use these poses when having sex with clients, to make their job pleasant for themselves. Believe, men also like these poses, as when using them, a woman’s body reacts very intensively, it is much more pleasant to fuck an aroused woman! read more →

Best Toys from Sex Shop

Best Toys from Sex ShopIf you’ve tried lots of new poses, changed your sex rules but still feel no desired pleasure, it is a time to go to a sex shop. It is not only a place where you can buy dildo or a gum lady, sophisticated Kiev escort girls say it has much wider assortment of sex accessories.
If you are not satisfied with your penis size or want to bring some new emotions into your sex life, Kiev sex escorts advise to buy some penis sleeve that can enlarge your penis or add stimulation by ribbed surface. Some of them are able to prolong sex, detaining ejaculation. Also Kiev escort ladies recommend intimate beads. read more →