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How to Refresh Your Feelings

How to Refresh Your FeelingsSometimes, when dating with one single lady for a long time, men feel doubts about their feelings to their couples. Kiev escort girls know how to check whether you still love your girlfriend, and they are ready to share this method with you.
When sex became ordinary, without any bright emotions and you feel a little tired of this relationship, it is a time to find out, is it worth continuing. To do this, Kiev escorts advise to live apart some time. Staying alone you will be free to think out the situation and define for yourself, whether you still want to be together. read more →

How to Make Her Do A Blowjob?

How to Make Her Do A Blowjob?Some women do not like oral sex, if to be more exact, don’t like to pleasure partner orally. Kiev escorts, who are real professionals in blowjob insist that this process is as pleasant for a woman as for a man. The most important thing for a lady is to feel this pleasure. After this she even will initiate oral foreplay in your bedroom. For all lovers of blowjobs here is a short guide from Ukraine escort masters.
First you should show your lady that oral sex is highly pleasant and she has to see that you also get joy from pleasuring her orally. Here Kiev escorts advise not to play, as she will feel insincerity. read more →

A New Female Erogenic Zone

A New Female Erogenic ZoneIf you know what is G-spot and where to look for it, this doesn’t mean that there is no more mysteries in woman’s body for you. Experienced Kiev escorts know another centre of sexual pleasure called PS zone.
Stimulating this zone is as pleasant as G-spot, sometimes it brings even brighter emotions! If you want to surprise your lover by some new sensations, Kiev sex experts advise to find PS zone in her body and play with it tenderly. It is located in the area between genitals and anus. if you never used this area in your sex games, Kiev escorts recommend start from soft tender stroking, as intensive stimulation can cause discomfort. However, you will need very little time to understand how to use PS zone for your lady’s pleasure. read more →