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Fuck Ukraine escorts agency lady — Well, you are over-modest. Such as I, can pinch the healthy man, and you the fragile Ukraine escorts girl. I want to right a wrong. Do not punish me, allow, I will make it! — and what you want to make? — I to you will tell, only not here. I have seen something in your appearance that it is urgently necessary to correct. I can render you this service which compensates my awkwardness. I will help you, and for it you forgive me. Is something with a hairdress? — Yes is not present. During this moment the door opens. — But for this purpose we need to leave the car.

Instantly my hands were gently twisted round a waist of the Ukraine escorts girl, and we have appeared together out of a train, it is possible to tell I it therefrom has pulled out. Automatism — the keystone to success. Seconds on that on something to dare. I constantly operate, therefore and I achieve success. That remains to the girl, she has asked: Well, what? I: — Actually I have deceived you. I have fallen specially to you! I have smiled. — what for? I have smiled once again. Silently has got a mobile phone. — your Ukraine escorts phone number? She has burst out laughing. — Ha-ha-ha-ha. What artful young man. And if you have killed me? I silently has looked at it, with expression of the offended child which fondly looks in the face and as though speaks: that I ask, please!» It has started to break. — I do not give the phone. My Ukraine escorts person has changed, as if she has said muck, and I as though ask again it in the rigid form that she meant, that it properly to abuse. Ukraine escorts girls was frightened, and, as though apologising for the dullness, has answered: – to Lena! — I am Alex. The name should be unusual. Not Sasha, and Alex. So remember is better, plus to all so sounds more beautifully, more in an original way! I: — While. Here and so it is possible to open the stranger!» Why it is impossible to plan the approach? The bear sits, fishes. The fisherman thinks. «What it is a bear sits at my ice-hole? Now to it I will approach and I will tell: — You sit? He will answer: — Fish catching. And I then to it will tell: — Go, washing here an ice-hole! And if he answers: — Simply I sit, Then I to it: — I here fish — sit in other place!»